2014 m. sausio 21 d., antradienis

Best Tool for Productivity Improvement

Simple, yet powerful way to improve your own productivity:
Found this in the Scott Bercun's book "The Year Without Pants". While this is simple and old idea, but it does work.
Usually i find myself in working on some HUGE problems involving HUGE changes and HUGE commits after all. In some cases I'm finding myself lost in what i am trying to do at the moment. Other times while writing commit message i find that there are so many things done during this single huge thing. And sometimes you see that after whole day of refactoring you can commit only bunch of small cosmetic fixes.
At the moment I am trying to use my knowledge gained from this book:

  1. Think about what few next steps I should do. 
  2. Write them down to the list (other idea from Berkun's book). 
  3. Split into smaller until you know how long it will take to do it. 
  4. Start Working.
  5. Reorder the list as soon as something changes
At the moment it is quite hard to achieve good concentration, because a lot of distractions there are around us. Colleagues, skype, facebook, news, food, coffee & etc. But, when I have clear job list it becomes much more easier to keep up the performance.


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